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Recent changes to the 11+ exam.

As from this September (2016) the old style Verbal Reasoning exam, taken to gain entry to Wirral’s Grammar schools, has changed.

It is being replaced with what is described as a broader test of pupils’ knowledge, more closely linked to what pupils are studying at Key Stage 2 and to what they will go on to study at Key Stage 3.

It is important to note that Wirral’s Catholic Grammars, St. Anselm’s and Upton Hall have NOT changed their exams and details are posted on their respective websites. Alternatively, call me for a breakdown of what is involved.

The new style exam will consist of 3 components and will be examined through 2 papers, both sat on the same day, with no practice exam. It is being produced by the University of Durham (CEM) and will test pupils understanding in English, Maths and Non Verbal Reasoning.

Paul Rowlands, 11+ Tutor

To secure your place or if you need any further information, please call me on: 07725 177720 / email me at rowlandspaul@hotmail.com.

The English paper contains some familiar traits of the old style Verbal Reasoning exams: synonyms, antonyms, odd ones out, logic problems to name a few. However it goes on to formally test pupils spelling abilities, grasp of Grammar, punctuation and comprehension skills.

The Maths paper places less reliance on mental arithmetic skills and tends to test in greater detail the topic areas covered in Years 4 and 5, and eventually 6 in school. Examples include: 4 rules of number; ratio and proportion; % expressed as fractions and decimals; factors, multiples and primes, to name a few.

Non Verbal Reasoning is a visual discipline, testing pupils’ abilities to spot sequences and patterns, often in series of shapes.

As with previous years, lessons will concentrate on teaching the core techniques to every topic / skill area, building to formal timed testing in the Spring and beyond.

Lessons usually start at the beginning of Year 5, but with the increased volume of work now being tested earlier starts can easily be accommodated.

Taught using the latest publicised materials, lessons are usually 1:1 or 1:2, £25 or £30 respectively. All materials are supplied and Homework is always set after every lesson.

Paul Rowlands, 11+ Tutor

To secure your place or if you need any further information, please call me on: 07725 177720 / email me at rowlandspaul@hotmail.com.


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We would like to express our huge thanks to Mr. Rowlands for his work with our son.

He was thrilled to learn he had gained entry to the school of his choice and this was due to the inspiration and commitment  provided by this outstanding tutor.

It was apparent that the materials chosen for the new grammar exam and their highly targeted delivery, coupled with diagnostic ‘on going assessment’ directly led to, not only an 11+ ‘pass’, but a score that far exceeded expectations. Indeed, the superb preparation allowed our son to gain entry both to Wirral Grammar and also St. Anslems. It was wonderful to have these two options based on the support Mr. Rowlands had given.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Rowlands as an educator and motivator. He is tutor who has great expertise, experience and skill.

Thank you, you have made a massive difference and we will never forget what you have done for our son at a such a challenging stage of his academic life.

Alexandra Daw

“I cannot recommend Paul highly enough as a tutor! He has an extraordinary amount of patience, a calm, gentle but firm persona and he established a wonderful rapport with my daughter. He instilled her with extra confidence and belief that she was able to reach her maximum academic ability.

Paul helped to improve her performance in the 11+ and Birkenhead examination by teaching her key techniques. Thanks to Paul’s fantastic teaching my daughter achieved 100% in her 11+paper and 100% in one of her Birkenhead exam papers. As a result she was successful in attaining a place at Birkenhead Boys School”

Nicky (07711238867).

“We were delighted when Paul Rowlands of Wirral Tutors agreed to help tutor our daughter, Lotte for the 11+. Although bright, we felt Lotte needed instruction in the verbal reasoning. We realised very quickly that in order to pass the 11+, the services of a professional tutor would be essential as verbal reasoning is not covered in depth on the syllabus at her junior school.

Paul arrived and immediately placed our daughter at ease, with this quiet confidence and excellent teaching style. Going over the techniques and answers with parents after the lesson, highlighted Paul’s knowledge and skill as an educator.

Lotte enjoyed her time with Paul, she is self motivated, bright, and with a love of learning, and this was reinforced by Paul’s confident and exemplary teaching.

We shall definitely be booking Paul for our youngest child next year.”

Mr & Mrs J Mok, Wirral cathayproperties@gmail.com

I would highly recommend Paul as an 11+ tutor, Paul tutored my daughter Jennifer for both the 11+ exams and the Upton Hall exams. Jennifer lacked confidence in her ability to be successfull in these exams and Paul helped her with his gentle and motivating manner to achieve her goals.

Paul has a calm manner and put Jennifer at ease right away, she was anxious about having a tutor but they soon became good friends and Jeniifer looked forward to her lessons each week. Paul was recommended to me by a friend and I have since recommened Paul to a number of my friends.

Thanks to Paul’s help, my daughter is now in her dream school and we are so grateful for all his Help.

Kind regards,

Lisa Graley, 07786913569